What’s limiting you?

Some of you are constantly “too busy”, overwhelmed and exhausted; some of you are bored, unchallenged and lacking meaning and purpose. Deep inside, you want more, you want different, you want better. But you feel stuck. Indeed, you are stuck in in old patterns of seeing yourself and the world and ingrained ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Most of us live our lives way below our potential. Mostly due to self imposed limitations: FEAR of the unknown and SELF-DOUBT about our ability to deal with the unknown. We attach to stories, emotions and behaviors that are unworthy of us and incongruent with with the things we truly value in life.

And what for? Not only do we “play small” by focusing on short-term, temporary comfort, security, relief and validation, but we also suffer a great deal – experiencing stress, anxiety, fear, shame, depression… unnecessarily.

According to the great psychologist Abraham Maslow, once our basic survival needs are met, a deep desire rises to the surface: to become what we are truly capable of becoming- to realize our full potential. This search for positive growth is the ultimate quest of human existence.

What are you capable of? Who do you care to become? Whether your current goals and challenges are personal or professional, what fundamental shifts can help you ride the next wave of your life with greater effectiveness and fulfillment?

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it out alone. A great coach can help you get to the core of what’s limiting you and open up degrees of freedom in your life.

What’s possible?

Only you can answer what is possible for you. All the answers and all the possibilities are already inside you. This is not cliche; it is the truth and the beauty of coaching. We are not here to tell you how to lead your life. Coaching is about hearing and seeing you deeply, asking provoking questions and putting up mirrors for you to recognize patterns that are holding you back and discover revolutionary aspects of yourself that can pull you forward. Building on this journey of self-discovery, we rely on the power of practice and language to guide you through your unique path to self-mastery.

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A coaching relationship is based on trust, mutual respect and deep caring for you and your potential. Beyond that, its critical that client and coach have natural chemistry. And the only way to find out is for coach and client to meet, talk and get a sense of what it would be like to work together.