If you are using technology to optimize everything in your business, shouldn’t you be using technology to optimize the performance of your most important asset: your people, and their most important asset: their minds? 

According to Gallup (2015), 70% of employees in the United States are disengaged at work. That is, they do their jobs at a minimum and are unwilling to go the extra mile for the company. How can a company like that perform at its best? Gallup estimates disengagement costs organizations in the US about $500 billion a year.

Now imagine a company where its employees are fully engaged in their jobs. Their skills, passions and your business priorities are aligned. They have high energy and are using it effectively. They are equipped with mindfulness, emotional intelligence, effective communication and productivity tools and practices. To top it off, they feel valued and appreciated by a company that invests in their development and are genuinely motivated to invest in the development of their organization.

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1-1 Leadership Coaching

Take your high potential leaders to the next level. Invest in their management and leadership skills, communication effectiveness, emotional intelligence and authenticity. Help them find alignment within themselves and with your organization.

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Experiential Classes

Elevate your teams and your company’s culture with “Mind Tech” classes and extraordinary team experiences. Give your employees practical tools, an expanded awareness and meaningful bonding to help them perform at their best with maximum fulfillment.


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