Mind Travel: A Music Meditation


Murray Hidary, 36, a music and composition major at NYU, had been playing the piano since he was 6. Afraid he wouldn’t make a living off music, he kept the piano in his back pocket until after he successfully launched five companies. Now, he is dedicated to his passion and purpose: music and motivating others to mind travel towards their creative potential. In his Mind Travel events, the pianist, photographer and entrepreneur explains his thoughts on creativity, special relativity, Heinsenberg’s uncertainty principle and music. He then plays the piano for about a half hour, non-stop, composing in real time, while abstract, colorful, visuals are projected on the background—also composed on real-time, to match the music. Attendees are invited to go on a journey, in any way they want to experience it.

Creativity, Murray explains, is about discovery. “Imagine there is a garden full of flowers somewhere in your head”, he says, “ready for you to pluck them”. But something often gets in the way… YOU! How can you get out of the picture? How can you let your mind travel, into this place called “the Zone” or “Flow” where creativity just flows out of you and you become one with your creation?

So often, our mind is inundated with thoughts that blur our mind’s potential to focus single-mindedly– thoughts that arise from our ego, from fear, from life’s uncertainty, from the complexity of today’s world… and don’t allow us to be fully present and connected to our creative potential. But when we do let go of all that noise, and listen deeply, our mind can travel to incredible places, and come back with so many beautiful flowers. Music is a phenomenal mind-travel airline, and when Murrey gets in the zone, he can take you far.

"I'm trying to get the listener to hear the pulse of the universe, the creative power, that energy that binds all things and transcends form" - Murray Hidary

Visit www.mintravel.com and try to attend an event. Otherwise he has a lot of music on his website for you to mind-travel with.