Set in Motion BOLD Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: A Lesson from Tony Robbins


When you attend a Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within event, It’s hard not to be impressed by this larger-than life man, owner of 30+ companies topping $6bn in revenue per year. The stadium he commands, of maybe 10,000 people, jumps up and down as in the wildest of raves, except people are only high by the incredible amounts of energy and confidence this guy exudes. So, how does he do it? Did he first succeed and thus become so confident? or was it the other way around? He will tell you himself: It all started with a belief.

Self-Fulfilling prophecies work something like this: You start off with a belief about your potential. That belief leads you to take actions commensurate with that belief. You then achieve results proportional to those actions. Finally, the results you get reinforce your original beliefs.

self-fulfiling prophecies.png

So think about it. If you start off believing that you are good but not that exceptional to be truly successful, what kind of actions are you going to take? Yeah, not that bold, huh? And what kind of results are you going to get? Right, not that great. And then of course, you’ll say: I knew it! I am not not that exceptional and will continue doing the same things and getting the same results.

If you want to be successful, the key is to focus on the belief part of the equation. I understood this more clearly one afternoon sipping juice with the former COO of a very successful cold pressed juice company. He asked me: “Do you know why we make the best juice in the world?Well— he continued—I found the best juice maker and told him: we are going to make the best freaking juice in the world and build a great business around it. Do you want to be a part of it?And on he went finding great talent and selling a story that became reality. That’s how all great businesses are made and you can do it too to achieve success in whatever shape of form is meaningful to you!

Some people ask me but what do I do if I don’t believe it? My answer: You fake it until you believe it! Start by catching your limiting belief - that thought of negativity that crossed your mind— acknowledge it fully and respond to it: No, that’s not true. I can do it. I will do it. Even when things don’t work exactly as planned, you get up and if needed you pivot. You keep a strong guard against the limiting beliefs that will undoubtedly rush in trying to sway you. You acknowledge them and say: I hear where you are coming from but I can do it. I will do it. If you continue doing this, your beliefs will change (it works like a habit). Your actions will rise to the occasion. And as your results improve, you’ll gain more confidence and be able to set bolder and bolder self-fulfilling prophecies.

So how about this year you identify and break out of a limiting belief and set in motion a bold self-fulfilling prophecy that is more commensurate with your true potential? Whether it’s taking your business to the next level, pursuing a new career, overcoming an addiction or getting in shape, you can achieve a LOT more if you believe you can. As Henry Ford so clearly put it:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re right

Note: The fact that we get stuck in our narratives is exactly why coaching can be so helpful. People usually come to us trapped in a story they tell about themselves, others and the world—often completely unaware of it. They try and try to get different results but as long as they continue seeing the world through the lens of their narrative, they continue reenacting the same play over and over with slight variations. As coaches, we help you bring awareness to the story you are currently living in that’s not serving you and through practice and new language we help you step into a narrative that opens up degrees of freedom for you to achieve what you truly want and are capable of.

Carol Lalezarian